Ny Post publica: Matar todos los gansos para evitar otro accidente aéreo según biólogo

¿Es esa la mejor solución? No creo que sea la mejor sugerencia que hizo el biólogo Steve Garber. Esta es la portada del periódico.


Abajo la noticia en inglés “Round them up – and get rid of them!” Or even kill them if you like.

That’s the sure answer to eliminating the potentially deadly Canada geese that threaten air travel around New York, says wildlife biologist Steve Garber, who once ran the wildlife-mitigation program at Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark airports.

A double-goose hit is suspected of shutting down both engines of the US Airways jet that crash-landed in the Hudson River on Thursday, endangering 155 passengers and crew – all of whom miraculously survived.

The engines of the downed plane, an Airbus A320, are designed to withstand a 4-pound bird passing through the turbines, according to a spokesman for the manufacturer.

But Canada geese can grow to more than three times that size.

A hit from a bird that large can shatter the blades inside the engines, triggering serious vibrations that can shake the turbines loose from the wings.

Government data show Canada geese are the biggest avian threat to airplanes and jets, and caused $47.4 million worth of damage to airplanes from 1990 to 2007.

In that period, US pilots reported 1,109 strikes by Canada geese, including 568 that caused serious damage to aircraft – a damage rate of 51 percent.

That’s far more damage than is caused by other birds. Bird strikes by all species – estimated at 80,000 over the same period – damage planes just 11 percent of the time, federal data show.

Garber doubts Port Authority bureaucrats have the courage to eliminate the threat in the face of four international treaties and federal and state laws designed to protect Canada geese and other migratory birds – not to mention the public outcry that results against anything perceived as cruel to wildlife.

NY Post



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